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A Very Simple Way to Make It 

We are proud to Offer you to Invest in All our Public Cryptos Events All Over the World.

Purchase our BITCOIN IVI online, share, like or comment all our Events, and earn back, huge profits as soon as the Events are done.

How to proceed ? Simply CLICK HERE


1. Buy one or more of our IVI Token(s) online with your Credit Card

2. Receive our IVI Token(s) on your own and private Crypto Wallet

3. Receive your proportional IVI Token(s) profits straight on your Crypto Wallet immediatly

4. Share, Like and Comments all our Events – No Limit

What can you do with your IVI Token ?


1. First of all, you will receive profits all year long, automatically and immediatly.

2. You can resell, or trade your BITCOIN IVI Token(s) on specialized exchange websites

3. You can use your BITCOIN IVI Token(s) to participate to our Special Events with our Partners

4. You can use your BITCOIN IVI Token(s) by our Partners Online Stores. A list of them will be send to you by email only.

How can we make it ? 


We are investing in every day events, all over the world : sports, musics, cultures, and so on…

We are a large international company with the simplest working process ever.

On each events, we are offering Gifts and Promotions on our own objects. All the publics are welcomed to participate in every of them.

Thanks to our parnerships and publicity, we are generating high rated revenus.

A large part of these revenues are shared and send back as “royalties” to all our BITCOIN IVI Token(s) owners.


No fees, no taxes, no delays.

Try it at least, at once : You will not believe it!!! We are opening a world of profits…



Proposing or Organising your Own Event ?

Using our main contact e-mail adress – aworldofcryptos@gmail.com send us and submit your own Event.

We will send you back our commercial proposal based on your basics informations :

– Title of Event

– Place of Event

– Main Thematic

– Dates

– Number of attended public

– Sponsors already engaged

Our e-mail adress is : aworldofcryptos@gmail.com send us and submit your own Event.